Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible for these plans to be so darn good?

We choose to save ourselves and our customers money by keeping it simple and going without muli-million dollar marketing campaigns. Like us? Fantastic! We would love you to pass on our info to your colleagues so they can join in on the savings too. Did we mention that Montana Wireless is a T-Mobile Business reseller that focuses on delivering high value services to its network? Yep, all true.

Can I keep my number that I have with my current carrier?

YES, you can port in from just about any carrier, as long as it is not coming from T-Mobile, and porting is free!

First, be sure to check its portability by clicking HERE to ensure you can bring it over.

Once you receive your sim card, you will fill out the NUMBER PORTING FORM which is processed within 24 hours. You may port in a number from virtually any carrier in the nation except from T-Mobile itself. You should not have any down-time as the actual transfer is instant.

Ports are processed on our end within 24 hours. Time of porting will depend on how long it takes for the other carrier to release the line. Lines coming from one of the big carriers are usually released immediately. Port-ins from landlines can take up to 2 weeks although they usually go through much sooner.

Can I keep my current device?

YES! As long as the device is T-Mobile branded, or GSM unlocked (bands compatible with T-Mobile), you can use it on our network. Check your device to see if it's compatible Here.

Will Montana Wireless work with my business as its needs grow?

Absolutely! We strive to create affordable plans to ensure that your company's communication strategy is scalable and always affordable. Give us a try.

Who are these plans for?

Montana Wireless, an official T-Mobile business reseller, created plans that target businesses, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietors and brings them over to the powerful T-Mobile network.

Is there access to MyT-Mobile?

Not at this time. All your billing, and account information is handled through Montana Wireless.

Will I have service in Canada?

Yes! All our plans include service in Canada. You can also use your phone to call numbers in Canada from US, at no extra cost!

Service in Canada will work as it does in the US with unlimited talk, text and data. High-speed data in Canada will be capped at 5GB. After 5GB of high-speed data is used (or your high-speed data allotment is reached, whichever comes first), you will stay connected with unlimited data at up to 128kbps.